Articles in Refereed Journals

Jennifer Raymond Dresden. “From Combatants to Candidates: Electoral Competition and the Legacy of Armed Conflict.” Conflict Management and Peace Science 34, No. 3 (2017): 240-263. 

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Jennifer Raymond Dresden and Marc Morjé Howard.  “Authoritarian Backsliding and the Concentration of Political Power.” Democratization 23, No. 7 (2016): 1122-1143.

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Other Publications, Reports, and Analysis

Jennifer Raymond Dresden (2017). “Local, Regional, and International Influencers: Finding Stable Peace in Liberia.” (prepared as part of the Civil War Settlements project with PIs Andrew Bennett and Monica Toft)

Jennifer Raymond Dresden, “When Authoritarian Leaders Start Feeling Insecure, Nobody Wins,” Democratic Audit, October 21, 2016. (named one of the blog’s Top 10 Posts of 2016)

Jennifer Raymond Dresden, “The Rebel Group You Build is the Political Party You Get,” Political Violence @ Glance, October 01, 2015.

Jennifer Raymond Dresden.  “Going All-In: Comprehensive State-Building in Sierra Leone.”  Democracy & Society 10(2): Spring 2013.
Jennifer Raymond. “Book Review: China: Fragile Superpower by Susan Shirk.”  Democracy & Society 6(2): Spring 2009